There Is No Secret Sauce

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In the fast pace world of electronic menus, Instagram pictures and YouTube videos the days of “trade secrets” and massive differentials are a thing of the past.

Yet, despite that, some restaurants and outlets are thriving while others continue to struggle.

If you can’t patent a recipe or a style and you certainly can’t patent service, then surely everyone should be operating at the same high standard? Clearly not! Despite the same access to the same resources, some restaurants seem to operate in the “outliers” zone while the rest are also rans.

What separates the “outliers” from the rest?

It seems to boil down to seven simple and duplicable key areas that some restaurants are doing consistently better than others.

Nobody is perfect but that should never prevent you from striving to be the best you can possibly be.

Here are the seven key areas in no particular order.

1) Treat it like a business

A “No brainer” you say, well more and more owners seem to treat it “a little on the side” or as a hobby or a game. Get on top of the numbers and the business side and watch your business flourish.

2) Value the customer

Understand that “nothing costs more than an empty chair” and that in the age of unlimited choices customers are exercising theirs. Work with your staff to become the destination of choice.

3) Look after your staff

Your most valuable asset is your loyal customer so stop subjecting them to under trained, demotivated staff. Invest in your staff and you will see the dividends on the bottom line

4) Be generous

Not necessarily with your portions (but that does not hurt either if you have your costing correct) but with your time, your attention and your hospitality. Customers can see the difference and feel the warmth.

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5) Know what not to do

There are so many things that owners are doing that they are aware of but are caught in a rut. Make a simple list of the three things you are going to STOP doing today and just do it.

6) Have your moments of truth

Establish those important contact points between you and your customers and of course, your potential customers, and make sure that each one of them is perfectly executed and filled with magic wherever you can.

7) Ask for help

There are so many resources available to you, the internet, associations, industry experts and of course fellow restaurant owners.  Don’t try and go it alone!

Start today by working through the list and one by one tick them off and discover your very own “Secret Sauce”.

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