Back to Basics – Business After Coronavirus

Back to Basics_Coronavirus

The pandemic has been difficult for the hospitality industry. Now that restaurants are re-opening there’s an opportunity to go “back to basics” and revamp their operation for operating in a post-pandemic world.

Businesses are choosing to go back to basics — to strip down their offerings and services to the essentials. This is a chance to reset their business.

This time can be seen as an opportunity to refocus and re-ignite their passion for customer service in spite of the difficulties that the pandemic caused.

1) Control Food Costs

Customers are thrilled to be heading back into restaurants but many are noting that their favourite eateries have reduced their menus. Restaurants are including only signature items and some ‘basics’.

This is strategically a good idea as future outbreaks could lead to future restaurant closures. This could mean food going to waste. By stripping down their menus, restaurants and hotels can reduce food costs and ultimately waste far less food, especially if closures occur.

Restaurants are re-creating more streamlined menus. Best-selling items and items that share ingredients are included, eliminating the need to invest in a wide range of food items.

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2) Labour Costs

Todays hospitality businesses are looking to cut costs in many ways as they streamline their services. This was inevitable given the hit the industry took when the virus struck.

By eliminating services and cutting down hours, careful consideration as to how many employees to bring back and what hours they can provide needs to be addressed.

These are challenging decisions that have real-life effects on employees. Employers will need to think about both short-term and long-term goals as they rehire their teams.

3) Communication

While cutting down on services and offerings, restaurants should think about investing more in marketing and communicating with potential customers. It’s important to communicate the business’s changes to customers. Remind customers that “we’re open for business”.

Tell customers that you’re still invested in the basics — outstanding customer service, great food, pleasant ambiance, etc. 

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4) Planning

How does a restaurant plan for the future when the pandemic still exists and could cause outbreaks that affect business? Very carefully!

Any business is concerned about making plans for the near and distant future. Is it the right time to invest in new kitchen equipment? Should you invest in new technology to streamline your accounting and point of sale? Should you expand hours or redecorate?

Planning for the future is naturally dependent on your business’s fiscal well-being. Before you invest in redecorating, for instance, consider meeting with a financial business advisor to help you develop your plans based on your budget realities.

Going back to basics for businesses can be challenging but it’s definitely an opportunity to make strategic decisions that can enhance your business.

When you focus on the basics and eliminate the superfluous considerations, you’ll position your business to be more resilient. Be sure that your plans include possible closures and how you can cope with the eventuality.

By keeping your mind on the basics, you can still drive your business forward and successfully meet your goals.

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