Ideal Point of Sale

Ideal Software is committed to providing quality point of sale products and services, focusing on the entire hospitality industry.

We provide a point of sale system that is simple, intuitive and cost-friendly.

Fully integrated Online Ordering now available with Ideal Point of Sale. Contact us for more info on this and our other products.

restaurant point-of-sale

Floor Planning Screen

  • Unlimited number of floors
  • Move tables and tabs
  • Transfer items between orders
  • Transfer orders between users
  • Merge tables
  • Waiter areas
  • Monitor bar and table services
  • High performance

Menu Programming

  • Unlimited number of menu categories (and menu
  • Category pages)
  • Customizable menu category grid size (eg. 8×9, 4×4 …)
  • Drag&drop, copy/paste, duplicate
  • Very intuitive

On-Screen Keyboard

  • On-screen keyboard is available in all screens
    (Order Entry, Restaurant, Settlement, Back Office)

Custom Reports

  • Customizable report filters and sets
  • Password protected
  • Table of contents for complex reports
  • A4 and receipt formats

Flexible Check Splitting

  • Can handle big parties
  • Unlimited number of sub-orders
  • Split items (1x -> 1/2x + 1/2x)
  • Combine items

+120 POS Functions

  • More than 120 unique POS functions
  • Button panels are fully customizable


  • Integrated with in-stock control
  • User-friendly buttons programming (with drag&drop)
  • Unlimited number of additional actions (e.g. Double, half, extra, no …)
  • Minimum and maximum limits for each step
  • Unlimited number of steps
  • Modifiers selected by default
  • Custom pricing for modifiers

Smart Settlement Screen

  • Combine payments
  • Foreign currencies
  • Set tip and cash-back
  • On the house payment
  • On account payment

Report Formats

  • Print report on receipt and A4 printers
  • Export to PDF, Word, Excel
  • Search box
  • Table of contents

Employee Time Keeping

  • Clock in / out (start / end shift)
  • Breaks
  • Different user jobs (waiter, bar, driver …)
  • Password protected clocking in and out

Restaurant Areas

  • Select areas that will be available for waiter
  • All actions are recorder in audit trail
  • Merge and move tables

Service Modes

  • Bar and table service modes
  • Move items between orders

Nested Menu Categories

  • Combine menu categories, subcategories and items in a single menu page
  • Previous and next navigation
  • Unlimited number of menu categories (and sub-categories)

Simple Order Transfer

  • Transfer tables and tabs (all or selected)
  • Transfer items
  • Password protected
  • Actions are recorded in audit trail

Deletion Reasons

  • Password protected
  • Integrated with in-stock control
  • View / hide voided items
  • Actions are recorded in audit trail


  • Password protected
  • Integrated with in-stock control
  • View / hide voided items
  • Actions are recorded in audit trail

Security Levels

  • Security levels for waiters, cashiers, managers
  • Supports fingerprint reader
  • Actions are recorded in audit trail

Fingerprint Readers

  • Supports fingerprint readers from Digital persona

Powerful Floor Designer

  • Select one or group of elements
  • Drag&drop
  • Copy/paste
  • Dock, anchor
  • Colors, fonts, borders
  • Import/export


  • Manual gratuity (tip)
  • Automatic gratuity (service charge)
  • Password protected
  • Actions are recorded in audit trail

Printer Groups

  • Unlimited number of printer groups
  • Single item can have multiple printer groups (e.g. Kitchen and sushi kitchen)
  • Printer redirecting (backup printers)

Hold Items

  • Hold / unhold items
  • Kitchen notes (messages for kitchen)

Recipe Lookup

  • recipe lookup

Audit Trail

  • Every action is recorded in audit trail
  • Users cannot erase anything

Line Display

  • Serial port (RS232)
  • OPOS drivers

Transfer Items

  • Transfer items between tabs and tables with ease
  • Password protected
  • Actions are recorded in audit trail

Foreign Currencies

  • Pay using foreign currencies

Retail Mode

  • Barcode scanning
  • Buy item by plu
  • Item lookup
  • Separate layout for retail

Display Modes

  • Show / hide table or bar orders
  • Sort modes

Navigation Menus

  • Fully customizable navigation menus for Order Entry Screen, Restaurant Screen, Settlement Screen and Back Office

Wide Range Of Printers

  • Supports wide range of printers from vendors like Epson, Citizen, partnertech, Star Micronics …
  • Serial port (RS232)
  • OPOS drivers
restaurant point-of-sale

Innovative Design

  • High performance
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Very intuitive
  • Fully customizable
  • Restaurant and retail mode

Available on Tablets

  • Supports any screen size

User Friendly Back Office

  • Designed for touch screens
  • Available in pos mode
  • Over 40 management panels
  • Password protected sections
  • Grid live edit, sort by any column
  • Export to pdf, excel, word

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