2023’s Hottest Food Trends


If you are a chef or restaurateur, you probably already realize that trends in the food industry can change faster than in fashion.

What people are raving about today may well be old hat tomorrow, and the in-crowd will quickly move on to the next food fad without giving it a second thought.

Thankfully, with some forethought and attention to market trends, you can keep your menu looking and tasting fresh while being ahead of the pack and becoming the trendsetter your peers are following.

There are no guarantees as to what the foodies of tomorrow will be craving, but you should be able to score a few home runs with this list of emerging food trends that show signs of being hits in 2023.

Family Style Dining

Everyone is craving human contact and the chance to make new friends these days. Because of this, family-style or dinner-party-type dining is a growing trend.

Communal tables and menu options that feature multi-serving platters are not precisely a new idea. They have been common in Italian and Asian restaurants for some time, but it seems to be a trend that has finally come of age and is ready to boom in 2023.

Healthy Eats

Nowadays, people are more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle than ever before. Offering menu items that help promote healthy eating is a trend that is likely to reach far into the future.

These can take the form of plant bast diet items, organic foods, low-fat dishes, or simply menu items that feature highly nutritious ingredients. People don’t have to be health nuts to appreciate eating healthy these days, and parents will definitely appreciate delicious and nutritious dishes that their kids will love.

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Transparent Food Chain

Related to healthy eating but in a category all of its own is letting people know where their food comes from. If your establishment uses locally sourced ingredients or only fresh items that have been minimally processed, then 2023 is the year to flaunt these facts.

It is no secret that fresh always tastes better than frozen or canned food, but today it is even more important for people to know what they are putting in their bodies.

Cooking Over a Wood Fire

Cooking over a bed of coals is one of the oldest known ways of preparing food, and a little surprise, it is still one of the most popular. The difference is these days; the BBQ is moving indoors.

It can be steaks cooked over mesquite or hickory. It can be mini grills set right into the table, as you will find in some Korean-style restaurants. The exact format is a matter of choice and depends on the type of cuisine that your serve.

Whether true or not, people feel that food cooked over wood tastes better.

Take People Home

What goes around comes around. This is true in the hospitality industry as much as anywhere else.

One of the hottest emerging food trends is nostalgic dishes. What this means can be significantly influenced by where you are located, but the idea is to take diners back to the days of their youth.

It may be pot roast, mac-and-cheese, or any number of regional favorites but fancy isn’t the idea. So keep it simple.

The New Hot Item Tamarind

As evidenced by Doritos introducing a tamarind chip and Google searches jumping by 5,000% for Banderilla Tama Roca, Tamarind is the new hot flavor for 2023.

Though originally from Africa, it is now a common ingredient in Asia and Latin dishes. Most often found as a paste in U.S. markets, tamarind can also be seen as dried pods.

Be warned, though. This fruit has a bold flavor that is sweet, sour, tart, and tangy all at the same time.

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