Benefits of an Online Ordering System (and Linking it to your POS)


With relentless advancements in technology, ordering food online has quickly taken over the food industry. 

Statistics show 82% of consumers preferred to place their orders using online food delivery platforms. Convenience and a wide range of choices, allowing customers to order with a single tap of a mobile phone, are being heralded as the main reasons.

When a business integrates its Online Ordering system with its point of sale (POS), it merges functionalities. This facilitates the better running of your restaurant and convenience for your customer.

Here are six key benefits of an Online Ordering system, and in particular, with linking the system to your point of sale.

1) Convenience

With the integration, orders, staff and inventory can be managed in one place. The inventory information and sales data are consistently updated, giving you a clear view of the restaurant’s key processes, such as tax, sales, staff management, accounting, and rewards programs.

2) Saves time

Linking your POS and ordering system saves you from manually entering online orders or merging reports from the two separately.

It enables easy access to all your information in an organized and well-documented manner.

It makes keeping inventory easier as all information is up to date at all times, saving you time and money.

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3) Generates Revenue

Restaurants that link their online ordering and POS systems reported up to a 30% increase in revenue.

An online presence means you reach more people with little marketing effort. You can promote your business on social media, helping you reach a wider audience. A wider audience translates to more sales, earning you more revenue.

Money is saved on additional staff that take orders. An efficient software will update the kitchen team about new orders reducing payroll expenses.

4) Increased Business through Loyalty Rewards

Most restaurants connect their POS and online ordering to a Loyalty Rewards program. This gives their business an edge over its competitors as customers opt for these restaurants.

Using a loyalty rewards program nudges customers to spend more to reach their rewards, generating more revenue.

5) Customer Satisfaction

Customers rarely make mistakes when placing their orders themselves. An incorrect order leads to time wastage and customer dissatisfaction.

An online ordering system allows customers to place their orders, eliminating communication problems.

Satisfied customers are more likely to return which leads to more sales for your restaurant.

6) Fast Checkout Process

Due to online payments, customers pay for their goods digitally. Instead of a cashier performing calculations manually, the system does the math for you. There are no mathematical discrepancies, and discounts are automatically applied to those who are deserving.

Since all this is done online, the entire checkout process takes less than a minute, and the system retains dependable records.

7) Key Takeaway

Although it may take time to setup an online ordering system and link it to your POS, staff time saved and the increase in revenue deems the venture every bit worthwhile.

The integrated system will help you better the restaurant experience for both you and your customers.

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