We provide Point of Sale and Inventory Management systems designed specifically for the Hospitality industry.

Ideal Point of Sale

Ideal Software is committed to providing quality point of sale products and services, focusing on the entire hospitality industry. We provide a point of sale system that is simple, intuitive and cost-friendly. With more than 120 unique POS functions, all fully customizable to suit your business. A wide range of reports exist that can be viewed online or printed. Contact us to arrange a demo.

Ideal Stock Control

A foodservice, stock control software package designed to isolate losses due to theft, shrinkage, over portioning, incorrect purchasing, poor yields, over production and a host of other mistakes that affect the bottom line, giving your management team the information they need to make timely decisions that will substantially decrease food cost while increasing profitability.


Better inventory decisions come from better data. Kounter ensures your stock take is accurate, giving you actionable insights that help your bar become more profitable. An online app, with easy-to-use dashboard makes taking inventory fast and easy. Using a mobile device, you can take inventory, analyze your profits and determine your correct cost and selling price for each bottle you have in stock.

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