7 Benefits of a Modern Restaurant POS

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Over the past decade, countless restaurants have adopted technology that has helped them modernize and keep up with a rapidly advancing industry.

There’s no better demonstration of this than the changes that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faced with the decision between modernizing and shutting down, restaurants that embraced technology were the ones that best set themselves up for success in the long term.

One of the most critical pieces of technology in any restaurant is the point of sale (POS) system because it’s used multiple times in every customer interaction.

That’s why it’s so important to have the most modern POS technology. Here are 7 ways a modern restaurant POS can benefit your business:

1) Online Ordering

More restaurants adopted online ordering in 2020 than ever before, to the point where it has practically become a necessity.

If you’re looking at a POS system that doesn’t integrate with a seamless online ordering platform, you may be lagging behind your main competition.

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2) Programmable Feature Navigation

Every food service business does things a little differently, and the central system used in any given restaurant has to be able to be programmed as such. Whether you need to have easy access to discounts and modifications or it’s critical for your hosts to assign sections through a central computer system, the best modern POS setups let you dictate their most prominent features. 

3) Quicker Transactions 

One of the largest benefits of a modern restaurant POS is also one of the most obvious — more processing power.

This equates to faster speeds for inputting orders, check tabulation, and payment processing. With a more efficient service, more employees can use the computers in less time.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of trying to handle a rush with antiquated software!

4) Smart Checkout Features

When it comes time for customers to pay for their food and drinks, a rigid point of sale creates frustration all around.

With a modern restaurant POS system, you’ll be able to flexibly split checks and facilitate payments quickly. This ensures that when your customers are ready to leave, they don’t have to wait.

5) Customer Reports

Without reports that allow you to track key metrics in your food service business, how can you keep track of the numbers?

A modern POS system can instantly provide a range of insights and KPIs that make it easier to manage your business.

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6) HR Tools

A seamless time clock has become an essential part of a functional POS system.

Being able to manage your employees timesheets all in one place and giving them a convenient way to clock in and out is a must-have for the modern restaurant.

7) A Fully Customizable Menu

Gone are the days of menus with inflexible categories and limited options for customizations.

A modern POS system allows you to effectively build your menu to suit your restaurant’s exact needs, with simple options for substitutions and modifiers and an onboard calculator to tabulate checks on the fly.

A modern restaurant POS can help you do the basic things well while adding a variety of other capabilities that will help your business rise above the competition. 

IdealPOS offers all of these features and more.

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Ideal Point of Sale

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