Advantages of Switching Kitchen Printers to Kitchen Display Systems

Kitchen_Display_SystemKitchen printers have for many years been used in restaurants but are quickly being phased out by kitchen display systems in the modern-day restaurant.

Kitchen printers are known to be wasteful and expensive; factors which a profit-making restaurant will aim at avoiding.

Switching from kitchen printers to kitchen display systems has become a popular trend as many restaurants seek to improve on their productivity across the board.

In an industry where efficiency, reliability and accuracy can make or break your business, here are vital reasons as to why you should consider switching to kitchen display systems in your restaurant.

1) Speed

The risk of losing customers because your current system is slow and lagging your operations is one reason why you should consider switching to kitchen display systems.

With a kitchen display system, particularly one that is integrated with a mobile POS system, a server is able to submit a customer’s order directly to the kitchen in real time.

This eliminates the use of kitchen printers and hand-written tickets, hence saving the time taken for a customer’s order to be received in the kitchen.

The server can input the order on a table-side ordering device or at the order input station, and the order immediately displays on the kitchen display system.

2) Increased Order Accuracy

Kitchen printers can be highly ineffective as paper tickets are often lost or misplaced. Even when properly handled, paper tickets can be quite difficult to manage as they are often exposed to damage, spills, heat and splatter.

This leads to order inaccuracies and at times may cause you to serve the wrong order to a customer.

A kitchen display system changes all this by enabling you to showcase everything the food preparation staff needs to know about each customer’s order. It makes it easier for additions and changes on orders to reach the kitchen fast.

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3) Enhanced Customer Service and Hence Increased Sales

With improved order accuracy, efficiency of service and fast order delivery to customers, your customers will not only be pleased by the delicacies you offer, but also by the level of customer service you display.

Kitchen display systems enable you to develop customized service plans depending on your restaurant’s operations. With such a system, you are able to deliver multiple food items in the same category such as appetizers, entrees and desserts simultaneously.

A high level of customer service means more customers, higher sales, and definitely more profits.

4) Prompt Stock Management

A kitchen display system helps you to automatically monitor the level of your stock quantities and notify you when it is time to re-stock. As a restaurant operator, you never want to disappoint even one of your loyal customers by missing the ingredients to make their favourite meal.

Kitchen display systems help you ensure that your most needed supplies and ingredients are always in stock.

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5) Improved Reporting

Kitchen display systems can help you generate data on the various aspects of your restaurant’s operations such as speed of service and revenue generation. With these data, you are able to make reports by pinpointing the areas that need improvement in order to increase on productivity. Kitchen printers cannot offer this data.

All in all, the benefits of switching from kitchen printers to kitchen display systems are immense. It is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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