33 Possible Food Cost Problem Areas – Part1


In case you missed our recent series on “Food Cost problem areas” which we ran on Facebook and Twitter we’ve grouped them all together and listed them here.

Here is Part 1 of Ideal Software’s 101 ways to deal with FOOD COST.

    1. No balance of high and low cost items on the menu
    2. Theft in any form
    3. Purchasing of more than what’s needed
    4. No Daily checks of invoices, quality and prices
    5. No controls on issuing items from storage areas
    6. Over preparing
    7. Approving invoices without checking the deliveries and following procedures
    8. Not following exact portion sizes
    9. No reconciliation of food sold vs food consumed
    10. Frozen Food not rotated
    11. Negative relationships with suppliers
    12. Not implementing a HACCP program
    13. Chemicals stored next to food causing possible poisoning
    14. Perishable left out of the refrigerated area
    15. Food used in the bar and recorded as bar sales
    16. Food purchased at cost for personal use
    17. Supply doors not locked
    18. Poor paperwork and use of control rooms
    19. Burned or overcooked food due to poor training
    20. Scales not regularly calibrated or replaced
    21. Poor training
    22. Not using standardized recipe
    23. Dull knives
    24. Fake company invoices being sent for payment
    25. No control of after dinner mints
    26. Credit not received from vendor for returned merchandise
    27. Dry foods areas are not well organized causing over ordering
    28. No forward planning for deliveries to ensure sufficient refrigerator/freezer space
    29. Low yields on products
    30. Failure to raise prices when food costs increase
    31. No reconciling of Kitchen checks and Guest checks
    32. No guest checks rung up for house, complimentary or manager food
    33. Invoice Accuracy

For more information on Ideal Software’s Stock Control system for monitoring food cost IdealStockControl



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