10 Characteristics of Highly Successful Restaurants

Hotel PARIS Praha 2012 Photographer: Libor Svacek; box@fotosvacek.cz; +420 602 428001
Hotel PARIS Praha 2012
Photographer: Libor Svacek; box@fotosvacek.cz; +420 602 428001

Every restaurant owner wants to run a highly successful restaurant, but not all thrive. It’s not always easy to put your finger on the reasons why some restaurants are successful and others not, but winning restaurants do exhibit a number of common characteristics.

Here are 10 characteristics of highly successful restaurants.

1) Tasty Food

Invariably the food is tasty and well prepared. The fare is appropriate for the price point and market it’s aimed at. It’s essential that patrons feel they’ve had a good, enjoyable meal.

2) Range of Beverages

A successful restaurant offers a good range of beverages that cater for different tastes. Although more complex to organize, it certainly pleases customers who want variety. Good restaurants stock popular cordials, wines, spirits and beers and avoid cheaper brands of dubious quality.

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3) Good Service

Waitrons know their jobs, are efficient and able to advise customers on the best choices. Food is served with minimal delay, and after the meal patrons don’t have to struggle to get their bill.

4) Hospitable Atmosphere

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. If music is played, it’s appropriate and the volume not so loud that customers cannot talk. Staff is trained to avoid distracting behaviour and making unnecessary noise.

5) Reasonable Cost

Restaurants have different price points, but the golden rule is that customers should feel that the cost of their meal was fair and reasonable, even in high-end establishments. Avoid overcharging.

6) Convenient Location

The restaurant location must be appropriate. A successful fast food restaurant should be in a popular mall, whereas a sophisticated restaurant would be located in an up-market area that’s easy to access. Adequate parking for patrons should always be provided.

7) Culinary Expertise

Chefs are chosen for their culinary skills and inventiveness. This applies equally to high-end and budget restaurants. Equally, restaurant management are passionate about food, participate in selecting menus and are customer orientated. Management and staff have appropriate culinary knowledge.

8) Hygiene and Cleanliness

The entire facility is kept spotlessly clean. Eating areas should be wiped clean frequently because nothing puts patrons off as much as a dirty table. Proper food storage and preparation standards are followed to reduce the risk of spoiling food and to eliminate the risk of incidents that could damage the restaurant’s reputation.

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9) Management Skills

The management team of a successful restaurant is well trained and understands the need to balance selling prices along with food preparation, labour costs and overhead costs. They demonstrate really good people management skills, understanding that happy staff means happy customers.

10) The Overall Experience

The goal of a successful restaurant is to provide clients with an excellent overall experience that draws them back again and again. This means that everything is focused on enhancing the customer’s experience.

and a bonus…

11) Stock Take Regularly!

Implementing inventory / stock control software provides restaurant owners and managers with the tools they need to determine where waste occurs and to monitor inventory. Becoming pro-active with easy to use software can help you quickly determine when losses occur and why.

Equally important, you will be able to plan menus and set prices quickly and easily based on current supplier costs as well as changes in operating expenses.

Running a highly successful restaurant requires that careful attention is given to a host of factors, each of which contribute towards creating a flourishing business. It’s most important to get the basics of food quality, service and price right and then to work consistently to raise overall standards.

What other characteristics would you add? Leave a comment below.

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