101 Ways to Deal with Food Cost – Part 8

General Energy Tips


Place pots close together – Placing pots as close as possible on the range top will reduce heat loss and perhaps allows you to turn off a section.

Cover all pots – Covering pots reduces heat loss and causes the food to cook faster. If possible, use glass or clear lids.

Turn heat off a few minutes early – Residual heat in the burner and pot will continue to cook the food.

Keep the oven door completely closed until food is cooked (use the oven light to check food instead). Every time the door is opened, the oven temperature drops, and the heat must be replaced.

Defrost food in the fridge instead of the microwave oven as it is more economical.

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Extra Energy Tips

Turn exhaust hoods off – When the appliances are not in use.

Turn parking lot lighting off – Automatically with a photocell.

Walk in freezers or coolers – Installing a plastic strip curtain over the entrance can save thousands a year per refrigerator.

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Functioning at Optimum Efficiency

Keep foil burner trays under the burners – This saves time in cleaning and keeps your energy focused where it should be – on the food.

Place thermometers in refrigerated units and ovens – Monitor them on a regular basis to make sure all your units are functioning properly and that food is being stored at the correct temperatures.

Protect your equipment – Purchase any available protective rails, guards and bumpers for all your equipment. These are generally offered as accessories. They need to be provided both on the mobile equipment and on the fixed equipment you own.


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