Top 6 Tips for Managing your Restaurant Effectively

The restaurant business is one that only thrives with the help of good management and professional employees. When dining out you know how easy it is to become annoyed with poor service and bad food. As a manager, you must always be on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of the food and employee performance to keep customers happy. Below are the top six tips for managing your restaurant effectively.

1) Lead by ExampleRestaurant_Interior

In order to be an effective manager, you must show your employees what good customer service looks like. Have them observe you interacting with customers. Ask the customers if they are having a good experience and thank them for coming. This shows your employees what you expect them to provide in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

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2) Quality Service

There should be a standard operating procedure in place so that each employee knows your standard for providing service. Someone should greet the customer immediately upon entering the restaurant. Their drinks order should be taken no later than two minutes after being seated. The waiter or waitress should check in on their customers every few minutes to ensure their glasses are full and they are enjoying their meal. Be sure not to overdo this though; a good server will be able to judge how much interaction a client is comfortable with. Going above and beyond will keep the customers coming back. Make quality service a priority.

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3) Friendly Environment

Every manger should be aware of their work atmosphere. It is your job to make it pleasant for both the customer and your employees. Look for ways to continually improve on communications with your employees and let them know you are available to talk if they have any issues. Hire the best employees you can find and treat them with respect. This will ensure that they are content with their work, which will make the customer experience that much better.

4) Keep Costs Down

One of the biggest problems that you may face is keeping the cost of running your business within your budget. Keep accurate records by tracking the costs of food, labour, and other expenses. Ensure that you review your expenses periodically to ensure that you are meeting your goals and keeping costs down.

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5) Discipline and Reward

Taking care of your employees sometimes requires discipline. In accordance with your employee handbook ensure that when rules are broken, the employee responsible is disciplined quickly and properly. This let’s everyone know that you mean business and following the rules is mandatory. The same goes for rewards. When an employee does something great, be sure to recognize them and let their peers know as well. This goes a long way in letting the employees know you are paying attention to their hard work.

6) Exceptional Food

No restaurant can survive by serving bad, cold, or otherwise unacceptable food. Make sure that every plate served to your customer is of the highest quality. If, there is a problem with a customer’s meal, work to replace it immediately. The customer will be happy you will get repeat business.

Being a good manager is more than just showing up. Taking care of the customers and employees keeps the restaurant running smoothly and keeps you in business.


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