5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in your Restaurant


Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to offer your customers something spectacular. Whilst dining at your establishments on Valentine’s Day why not treat your guests to a meal they will remember for years to come? When they choose you for their special once-a-year date you want to invite them to enjoy an atmosphere worthy of that date.

Here are 5 simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your restaurant:

1. Decorate

Decorate for the occasion in a way that gives your restaurant an extra romantic ambiance. You can use velvet reds and silvers in order to add that perfect touch. You should think about decorating each table with red candles and roses. Special little touches, such as dimming the lights, will add ambience to your restaurant and help to create the perfect setting for a Valentine’s Day dinner.  

2. Offer a Gift

You may offer something special to the ladies on Valentine’s Day. This can come in the form of a percentage off their meal or a special gift. 

You may want to think about offering the couple something complimentary that will add to their romantic date. A couple examples of the types of items you can offer may be a small bowl of chocolate covered strawberries or a slice of red velvet cake for dessert.

When you go out of your way to show your customers you want to help them enjoy their Valentine’s Day dinner by offering them something extra special with their meal, they will appreciate it and remember it. 

3. Pay Attention to Music

One of the most important features to any romantic meal is the music. It has to be just right to create the atmosphere you’re looking for. Too loud and you could be distracted. To laid back and you could fall asleep. You want to get it just right! Playing the right kind of music can really help to set the stage for a romantic evening so make sure you give it the attention it deserves. 

4. Staff Dress-Up

A special touch would be to have your staff dress for the occasion. They can wear touches of red on their uniforms in order to show their holiday appreciation. Perhaps a red rose or carnation would be suitable. It’s the little touches like this one that all come together to create the perfect environment for a couple enjoying a romantic evening out.

5. Special Meal

Serve a special meal just for the occasion. You can make a meal you will serve only on that day and present it in a romantic manner. Mix and match the recipes for your special menu and suggest romantic food and wine pairings.

Now it’s your turn. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your restaurant? Leave a comment below.

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