7 Tips to Prepare Your Restaurant for the Holiday Season

7 Tips to Prepare your Restaurant for the Holiday Season

Now that the Holidays are upon us, you’ll want to be ready for all those hungry shoppers that will be out and about this holiday season. If you’re not ready yet, now is definitely the time to start preparing.

These 7 tips should help you better prepare your restaurant this holiday season for all of those hungry holiday shoppers.

  1. Holiday Decorating:  Decorate your restaurant this holiday season with things like sparkly garlands and other festive decorations to add more enjoyment to your restaurants atmosphere while your patrons dine. Decorate fun, elegant and unique decorations for each different holiday occasion. For example, choose a theme for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years etc.

  2. Holiday Advertising:  Consider advertising your restaurant or any holiday restaurant specials and promotions in the “food” section of your town or city’s local newspapers, as well as on-line advertising.

  3. Holiday Promotions:  This holiday season, give your hungry holiday shoppers the gift of agreat deal for their great meal. Consider running a limited time offer meal or better yet, a special holiday menu just for the holidays. Those are always fun for patrons.

  4. Community Involvement:  Collecting food and toys to donate to those in need is a great way to get involved with your local community, showing that you care by making the holiday’s brighter for those less fortunate this holiday season. Consider donating your time or resources to any local holiday fundraising event.

  5. New Holiday Products & Gift Cards:  Holiday friendly products and gift cards are fun for patrons and both are bound to give your restaurant a boost in business this holiday season. Get in the spirit with holiday foods such as eggnog shakes, foods with pumpkin, turkey specials, etc. Restaurant gift cards are extremely popular gifts during the holidays. Just make sure to remember to give a press release with your new holiday gift cards.

  6. Holiday Catering:  Many businesses, both large and small, offer catering services during the holidays. Catering can bring in sales and build profit for your restaurant. Reach out to companies who are looking for caterers this holiday season to host their staff appreciation holiday parties.

  7. Social Media Holiday Tips:  When advertising this holiday season, don’t forget to advertise on all of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites. Consider an on-line holiday contest or give out a special holiday promotion, holiday coupons and/or share your restaurant’s new holiday menu items.

Last but not least, get into the spirit of the holiday season!

Now it’s your turn. How do you prepare your restaurant for the upcoming holiday season? Leave a comment below.

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