10 Most Effective Mother’s Day Marketing Tactics for Your Restaurant


Mother’s Day is simply one of the best opportunities of the year to encourage new restaurant patrons through the door. This is when everyone is out to dinner or lunch. What are you doing right now to help drive more customers to your business this Mother’s Day?

Here are some of the best, most effective marketing methods you need to employ to make the most out of this day.

1) Give Moms a Free Meal

This is perhaps the biggest offer to provide today because it is one of the easiest ways to bring people in although it can be expensive. You can limit the costs to having mom choose from a limited menu or cap the price point here, but giving away a meal is a big draw card.

2) Make It Special

Instead of giving something away for free, offer a special meal just for moms. This could be a delicacy or something a bit more interesting. It can even be a dessert. The key is to make it special just for mom. Promote this early on so that people begin considering the options.

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3) Nominate a Mom Award

Use your social media accounts to generate attention. Ask your followers to write a short story about why their mom deserves something special. Choose one to receive a memorable meal, perhaps even cooked in their home by your chef.

4) Create a Unique Dining Experience

If you have larger spaces, offer families a family-style meal even if you normally do not offer this type of meal. That is, have everyone share in family style dishes. To promote this effort, create a promotional video or message in which you want to bring the family back to the table for an old fashioned meal.

5) Turn to Local Business for Support

Moms could easily be given a flower upon their arrival at your location. Partner with a local flower shop to help promote your special Mother’s Day efforts. Leave flyers and promotional messages at the shop, and do the same for the florist.

6) Start Prompting Customers for Reservations Now

When your customers visit during the weeks leading up to Mother’s day, use your receipt as a tool to invite them back for another meal on this special day. Encourage them to book their reservation now, in advance.

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7) Create a Special Menu for Your Website Visitors

Ensure your location’s website features your menu for the day. Offer a link to directly reserve their table at that time.

8) Ask Patrons to Fill Out a Survey

When customers come in for a meal this week, ask them to fill out a survey. Inquire about their Mother’s Day plans and desires. This is a fantastic way to get more ideas.

9) Connect with Local Mom’s Groups

Whether online or at local churches, send off a flyer or special promotional offer to these groups. Encourage them to come in for a meal and to make memories.

10) Always Welcome Customers Back Again

Don’t forget to market to your customers while visiting you on Mother’s day. That is, you’ll want to offer a coupon or reminder on their receipt to visit you again in the coming weeks.

These tips help to make it possible for you to have ongoing positive responses for your customers on this very special day.

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