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10 Ways to Improve your Restaurant Food Cost

Managing food costs yet offering quality fare in your restaurant may seem like a difficult task, but there are ways to do it. Use these 10 tips to get your business moving and improving.

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Pros & Cons of a Restaurant Going Tipless

The practice of tipping in South Africa is well established and until the introduction of minimum wages, was often the only income waitrons earned.

Although tipping recognizes good service, it …

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Foodservice Trends in 2015


It’s always been a bit difficult to predict which trends are going to have staying power and which are just fads that are going to fade away. However, here are some thoughts and ideas representing a …

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Happy Holidays from Ideal Software!

As we approach the end of another year of trials and successes, we here at Ideal Software are reminded that we owe our success to our loyal customers. We know that you may have heard that before, …

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Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season


The holiday season is the ideal time to market your restaurant. Use these top 10 restaurant marketing tips to inspire you.
1) Sell Gift Cards
Set up a …

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Restaurant Trends For 2015

Despite the difficult economic climate, good restaurants continue to thrive in South Africa. An overriding trend for 2015 is that taste is paramount. While our restaurants continue to express their individuality, local cuisine is flourishing and …

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Should Your Restaurant Take Orders for Food and Drink Online?

Many restaurants offer delivery services to customers living within a certain radius of their restaurant, but this service usually depends upon customers phoning and placing an order with the restaurant.

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Why high staff turnover is bad for your restaurant (and how to avoid it)

The restaurant industry is known for high staff turnover, particularly in those establishments where tips and gratuities represent a significant percentage of staff income. Many managers may not regard this as being significant, especially as there is often a ready supply of new …

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Take Care Of Your Employees And They Will Take Care Of You

This article was inspired by the reaction of Steve Maresch, owner of The Local Grill, to winning The Wolftrap Steakhouse Championship award for the second year running. Steve walked up to each member of his staff to thank them personally and individually before accepting the award and addressing the media.

In …

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Advantages of Running a Loyalty Program in Your Restaurant

The best customer for a restaurant is the repeat customer who comes in to eat on a regular basis, thus becoming a revenue stream rather that a one-time listing on the accounts. Establishing a well-conceived and well-integrated loyalty program can provide you with a critical …

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