5 Mother’s Day Marketing Tips for Attracting Customers

Restaurant-Mothers-DayMother’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time for your restaurant to start preparing.

This popular event that takes place annually on the second Sunday in May is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to show their love and affection for their moms.

Here are five ways to create that special atmosphere in your restaurant on Mother’s Day.

1) Menus for Mothers

It’s likely that groups will be larger than normal as entire families gather to celebrate with their mothers; this creates an opportunity for a special Mother’s Day menu. It may be a chance to set up an interesting buffet with emphasis on special Mother’s Day dishes. And to get Moms in the right mood, start off with a complimentary appetizer or cocktail. Alternatively, let moms enjoy themselves with a free meal.

2) Live Entertainment

Another great idea is to arrange for some form of live entertainment, especially if you are open in the evening. You could arrange a DJ and clear a space for a dance floor. Or, engage a live band or singing group. The choice largely depends on the mood and ambiance you want to create.

3) Supervised Play Area

Mother’s Day is a family day, and there are bound to be a number of young children, especially in parties that come for lunch. This is a good opportunity to set up a special supervised play area so that Moms can relax knowing their children are cared for and safe. Pay particular attention to child activities so the children are fully entertained and enjoy themselves. Ensure the play area is easily accessible so children and parents can maintain contact with each other. 

4) Decorations

Use the opportunity to decorate the restaurant with a family theme that promotes Mother’s Day. Look for attractive and bright decorations that reflect the joy of a happy occasion. Decorate the tables with fresh flowers, and consider rearranging your seating area so that it’s conducive to family groups.

5) Free Gifts

You could make it a really special day by giving each mother a gift. This could be something as simple as the vase and fresh flowers on the table, or you could go the extra mile and source something like a pot plant or even a voucher for a nearby garden nursery. With careful planning, and selection, these gifts need not be expensive, especially if you agree to allow the supplier to advertise their name. Whatever choice you make, ensure that your restaurant’s name is embossed on the container or holder.

Mother’s Day is a good time to showcase your restaurant and make it a special day for all the mothers who do so much for their families. By going the extra mile, you imprint your restaurant’s name in the mind of each mother, her spouse and children. Naturally, you should also take the opportunity to advertise your Mother’s Day plans through local media and by putting up posters near your location.

Now it’s your turn. How are you marketing your restaurant this Mother’s Day? Share with us below.

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