5 Benefits of a Restaurant Kitchen Display System


You don’t have to be a quick-service restaurant or have a large kitchen team to enjoy the big value that a restaurant kitchen display system brings. In fact, restaurants of all types and sizes can benefit from the advantages that kitchen display systems offer.

Technology has become a driving force of innovation, motivating businesses in every industry to revamp their processes, streamline procedures, and develop new ways to meet the needs of their customers.

The food industry is a prime example of how advances in technology have reshaped the way business is done. Restaurants of all sizes have benefited from these leaps and bounds.

Here are five benefits of using a kitchen display system.

1) Automatically Track Fulfillment Time

In the food industry, time is money, and a successful restaurant manager must learn how to stay on top of an often hectic environment while ensuring that customers are served in an efficient fashion.

A kitchen display system automatically tracks how long your staff takes to fulfill an order from beginning to end. This will allow you to see which members of your team are the most efficient, what processes take up the most time, and what times of day may require a few more hands on deck.

2) Streamline the Cooking Process

Your cooks would probably prefer to be told that they need to prepare 48 chicken strips rather than that they need to have six eight-piece orders ready.

Unlike paper tickets, a kitchen display screen clearly lays everything out, providing staff with a big-picture view of what needs to happen and by whom. This saves your restaurant a significant amount of time while helping you avoid costly mistakes.

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3) Optimize Kitchen Efficiency

During rush times, your staff may have a difficult time correctly prioritizing orders. Some kitchen display screens give you the ability to automatically route different orders to different work stations.

Additionally, some allow you to colour code tickets so that they will change colours when they’re not fulfilled in the desired window of time. This will let your kitchen staff see which orders need to be completed first.

4) Cut Down on Waste

As a restaurant owner or manager, food waste is likely the bane of your existence. Not only is it socially and environmentally irresponsible, but it’s also costly.

Making the transition to a kitchen display system from paper tickets will drastically reduce what you pay for paper, ink, and other consumables.

These little costs add up over time, and cutting them out will greatly improve your bottom line.

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5) Improve Customer Satisfaction

When items with different prep times are prepared at different stations simultaneously, it’s challenging to ensure that everything is done at the same time. As a result, the quality of the meal can suffer, leading to customer complaints and wasted food.

With a KDS, prep times can be synchronized to ensure that everything is done at the same time, preserving product quality and cutting down ticket times.

No matter how big or small your restaurant, a kitchen display system will save you money, help you reduce waste, and streamline your processes so you can meet the needs of your customers more effectively.

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